Climate Change and Gen Z: How to Create a Green Business

Climate Change and Gen Z: How to Create a Green Business

Should your company go green?

In two words. Heck yes!

Generation Z is the next generation of consumers, and they are not going to be easy to please. They want businesses to be environmentally conscious, or else they will go elsewhere. This is why, if you want your company to succeed with Generation Z customers, you need to invest in sustainability and make your business more sustainable.

If you want your company’s future in good hands, then sustainability needs to come first! This post will discuss how this generation expects companies to consider environmentalism down the line of business decisions.

So, without further ado.

Who is Gen Z?

Generation Z is the group of people born in 1995 and later. They are sometimes called “Digital Natives” because they grew up with technology and can’t imagine life without it. They are also the most likely to invest financially in sustainable change––even if that means supporting organizations with cash or credit. Gen Z simply wants to make a difference and invest their time, talent, and money into projects that will leave a legacy.

This generation has a reputation for being very socially conscious, which means that Generation Z expects companies to have an environmental impact when making business decisions.

What does it mean to have a green business?

A green business means that you’re moving towards a more environmentally-friendly approach.

Remember, for Gen Z; environmentalism isn’t an option; it’s an expectation. And green businesses understand that sustainable practices are profitable and practical. After all, they benefit the environment and attract new hires.

Going green is a must for business owners because it’s a win-win situation. You attract the best workforce, and you also do something good for Mother Nature! Plus, on top of all that, you increase your bottom line.

Think about it, if you create a company that cares about the environment, you’ll create a business that attracts Generation Z. Green business practices are simply the new normal for all companies.

Where Should You Start?

Green means environmentalism, so figuring out ways to conserve energy and decrease pollution will help. However, being green is so much more than adding a few recycling cans to the lunchroom. Sustainability is about the entire company’s impact on the earth.

This is why being green is more than a company’s values––it’s about the expression of those values. Environmentalism is about caring for the environment and protecting it.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Green is the New Black

Many companies are now making the switch to being more environmentally. After all, green is the new black, it seems. And the easiest way to start is by reducing your environmental footprint. This can be done by recycling, conserving energy, reducing pollution, and protecting the earth.

Green should also show customers that you care about your company’s impact on this world we live in. One great example of a company that has made this switch is Nike. They have taken steps to reduce their carbon emissions by 30% over the next seven years.

Green is not just for clothes

Sustainability is everywhere!

Green has become a symbol of companies’ values. For example, Starbucks uses 100% recycled paper in its cups, and it changes the amount of ice served to reduce water waste.

Another great way to make your company greener is by recycling everything you can! This includes items like printer cartridges, batteries (if you’re a business that uses batteries), and even furniture.

Green is about conserving energy

Make sure your lights are turned off when you leave the office, or turn down the air conditioning in the summer months to save on energy costs.

Remember, going green can be seen as something like an investment––it’s not always cheap to make changes, but it can save you money over time.

Green is more than just an image

Customers are looking for companies that make the world better and operate in environmentally friendly ways.

Green can be seen as part of Generation Z’s values since this generation will become the main customers soon! Businesses should take action now to get ready for them by making their business sustainable.

Environmentalism shows customers that you care

Generation Z wants companies to do business in ways that protect nature, especially since they will inherit what we leave behind. Green is part of their values, and they expect companies to follow suit.

Taking time to implement environmental strategies at your company shows that you care about the present and the future––it proves that your business is about people, not just products.

What are some ways that your company has gone green?

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